f Orbis
Presale tokens sold
Contributors: 106
5 000 000 / 40 000 000
~$1,500,000 USD


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Token Sale

Developers are minted new coins based on app usage to coin cap and consumers are minted coins for being active mobile nodes running the OrbisWeb mobile app. OBT is used to purchase paid apps on the OrbiStore and purchase products.
1 OBT = $0.24
+25% Bonus
Day 1
1 OBT = $0.26
+15% Bonus
Day 2-5
1 OBT = $0.29
+5% Bonus
Day 5 -10
1 OBT = $0.30
No bonus
Regular price
After Day 10
5 000 000 / 40 000 000

Blockchain Bluetooth Community?

Orbis Token (OBT)

Developers are minted new coins based on app usage to coin cap and consumers are minted coins for being active mobile nodes running the OrbisWeb mobile app. OBT is used to purchase paid apps on the OrbiStore and purchase OrbisProducts.

Orbis Web

Secure BLE connections form local networks connected globally via internet.  Developers will be able to utilize this network in creating apps such implementing IoT, replacing digital infrastructure, and utilizing crowd-gathered data.


OrbiStore is an application platform open to third-party development, whether utilizing BLE network infrastructure or not. App usage/downloads are implemented via NEO smart contract.

How Orbis Blockchain Bluetooth
Community Can Reach Markets?

IoT Industry


Smarthomes, crowdsourced data, and automation. Control your lights, shades, and HVAC, manage your supply chain, or see live wait times with the Orbis app.

daily BTC transaction volume


Use the Orbis mesh network to send and receive cryptocurrencies while offline. Funds are held in escrow until matching transaction data is uploaded.

Defense Industry


Mesh provides reliable offline communication in undeveloped landscapes. Mesh can coordinate soldiers and systems in monitoring and managing the battlefield.

Telecommunications & Wireless


Internet sharing and mesh messaging. Sell your mobile data for OBT and message others via mesh. A robust, cheap, and portable solution for disaster relief.



Sponsored locations and foot traffic data. Be rewarded in OBT for visiting and connecting to a node in a sponsored location!

Token Details

OrbisToken (OBT) will be integral to the use of Orbis and provides benefits to the company, developers, and consumers alike. OrbisToken will be minted to reward both developers for consumer usage of their apps as well as consumers for participation in OrbisWeb. OBT can then be used by consumers to purchase apps on the OrbiStore and likely eventually Orbis products such as stationary nodes.

Private presale:
Sold: 5,000,000 OBT
Raised: $1,500,000 USD
Presale contributors: 106
Public Token Sale: March 3, 2018 – March 31, 2018
Tokens to sell: 40,000,000 OBT
Hardcap: $12,000,000 USD
Bonus program: 5%, 15%, 25% determined by whitelist position
Token Usage:
Rewards, payments, registration fee
Blockchain: NEO
The NEO team’s commitment to government compliance, anti-quantum cryptography NeoQS, and community-based governance as well as the fundamental alignment in the goal of a smart, connected, and digital economy are why Orbis will be developed on the NEO platform.
Initial Price:
1 OBT = $0.24
All tokens not sold through the token sale will be burned
Token Delivery Date:
1 month after closing of token sale

Token Distribution

Token Sale:
40,000,000 OBT (40%)

Company Reserve:
35,000,000 OBT (35%)

15,000,000 OBT (15%)

10,000,000 OBT (10%)

OBT Company Reserve & Employee Vesting:
Employee tokens will have a vesting period of 48 months with a maximum withdrawal of 10% per quarter. Company reserve withdrawal over 10% per quarter requires two-week’s official public notice.


Our Ambitious Team


Jason Chao

Founder & CEO

Author of the founding Orbis whitepaper and passionate about bringing his vision of consumer level mesh networking to fruition. Jason funded the initial development of Orbis with returns from early investments to conduct a sucessful presale. Though young, Jason seeks to grow his platform in the cryptocurrency community and aims to disrupt the wireless communications industry.

Sasa Petrovic

Lead Software Engineer

20 years in the private and the defense industries. Sasa has worked worldwide with General Dynamics IT and Harris Corporation progressing to C-level IT positions. He is a firm believer and enthusiast in the 'second generation' of the digital revolution - powered by blockchain technology - to transform the old order of human affairs for the better.

Stephen Yang

Software Engineer

Developer with a focus on mechatronics. 3-year ranking competitor at the AUVSI San Diego autonomous underwater vehicle competition and Co-head at SGS Robotics. Fluent in C, C++, Python, and Java.

Jon Kruzeniski

Marketing Manager

Growth Marketer with 10 years experience leading high impact marketing campaigns and growing communities. Extensive knowledge across numerous online marketing channels..

Cici Wei

Design Intern

Will Tiwanna

Communications Intern



Business Advisor

Chairman of Ritech Technology Shenzhen with over 500 employees. A 30 plus year veteran of Chinese business, commerce, and electronics manufacturing. Entering the blockchain space with joint ventures and advisory.

Anders Larsson

Technical Advisor

CTO Anders Larsson is the Vice President and Head of Network Products for Ericsson Group - the founding Bluetooth company - in Southeast Asia & Oceania. He handles over a billion dollars yearly sales and is excited to be working with Orbis towards a future where blockchain and Bluetooth are intertwined.

Matt Hunter

Marketing Advisor

2014-2016 at Coinbase and partner at Blockchain Companies. Marketing exec with broad experience in all aspects of online marketing and advertising. Day-to-day operations in the creative layout, theme, and direction of companies. Extensive knowledge and interest in early-stage, online start-ups.

Joakim Holmer

Technical Advisor

Joakim joined Ericsson Group since graduation initially as mobile software engineer followed by 15 years in various technical leadership positions around the world. Today, Joakim founded allcoinWiki together with Anders to persue blockchain ventures.

Quentin Abrahams

Strategic Advisor

Founder of DreamEdge Group, Quentin manages a multimillion dollar private syndacite and provides long-term business consulting and advisory specializing in blockchain and cryptocurrency. Quentin works to make the innovative ideas of blockchain technology into practical solutions for businesses.

Company & Development Roadmap


Project Planning
Community Engagement
Whitepaper Release & Drafting
Closed Alpha testing of Android OrbisWeb app
Partnerships & Advisors

  • Networking firms
  • Blockchain firms
  • Crypto-wallets

Website completion and capability scaling

JANUARY - April, 2018

ICO Funding/OBT Distribution
Exchange listing and trading
OrbiStore development
Blockchain OBT development
Android & IOS Alpha testing
Staff acquisition Community development

  • Community developer outreach
  • Establish OrbiStore application vetters
  • Community & industry conferences
  • Community engagement OBT rewards

March 3-31 2018

OBT Crowdsale


OrbisWeb beta release
OrbisWeb data-center establishment
Company-developed application release
Manufacturing partnerships
Product development of BLE nodes and BLE routers


Production OrbisWeb release
Production company-developed app releases
Product releases
Community developer releases
Platform tweaking


Municipal and organization partnerships
Testing large-scale BLE mesh infrastructure
Improving mesh data transmission speed & efficiency
Orbis deployment scaling
Digital security firm consultation improving network privacy and security

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