Dear OrbisMesh customers,

It is with a heavy heart that we are announcing that OrbisMesh will be ceasing its operations. The following letter attempts to explain the circumstances surrounding this decision.

We launched OrbisMesh in late 2017 with the goal of creating decentralized communities of ad-hoc networks through a mobile mesh networking app. We saw the potential for these networks to collect, utilize, and share crowdsourced data in order to empower other applications and maintain local connectivity even if there is no cellular service. Among the potential applications we highlighted were instant messaging, live traffic/queue time updates, and metered hotspot sharing. In 2018 and 2019 we then released a couple demo and beta Android apps featuring versions of some of these capabilities.

In 2018, in parallel with Orbis’ mobile development, we began to explore the feasibility of mesh-enabled IIoT hardware modules that would complement our mobile networks and reduce the amount of active mobile users required to sustain a mesh network within a certain area, whereby mobile signals could be relayed as part of a broader city-wide OrbisMesh IIoT network. We hoped to market these modules as enterprise solutions and implement them in three prevalent IIoT use-cases (Lighting, Parking, and Irrigation), deciding to tackle irrigation first as the simplest of the three.

In part due to a steady decline in related market conditions as well as other uncertainties, Orbis decided in late 2018 that it was in the company’s best financial interest to shift our immediate focus towards developing and releasing a production IIoT solution first. Given initial market interest and success metrics during testing, we believed this would afford us a better chance of reaching break-even before we reached the end of our runway.

We are incredibly proud of what the Orbis team has accomplished however despite our best efforts we ultimately have not achieved the commercial success we were looking for. We apologize for having stayed silent for so long as we have been working behind the scenes to try and find a way for this company and its technology to continue. The above challenges in addition to recent global events however has now made it clear that the only course of action for Orbis is to shutter its doors. If you have any further inquiries, we will be continuing to monitor during our closing.

Thank you for all your support over the past two years.

The OrbisMesh Team